psychological training

Austin IN Connection is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Austin, Texas. We strive to bring powerful concepts about relationships, parenting, and psychological growth to our community by offering training, learning experiences, and networking opportunities for both helping professionals and for members of the public.

Our organization took root in 2007 when three local therapists hosted a series of gatherings to share their enthusiasm for Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology, two fields of study emerging with new findings about what creates healthy minds. Our founders wanted to find ways to bring this information to those who could use it most, especially parents, couples, families, therapists, and educators.

These early gatherings launched something of a movement. Over the next several years, Austin IN Connection hosted leading researchers and clinicians in attachment and neuroscience—such as Allan Schore, Judith Schore, Daniel Siegel, Steven Porges, and Bonnie Badenoch—to teach professional and public workshops and master classes. We established two high-quality, free training programs for parents, therapists, and community members. We also created an online forum for local professionals to connect with each other through our widely-used Yahoo! list serve. In 2014, our organization received its official 501 c3 (non-profit) status.

Now we are poised to take our movement to the next level. We are actively working to expand our educational opportunities for the public, and to extend our professional development programs to a broader audience. All the while, we remain committed to providing high-quality trainings and networking for helping professionals.

We want everyone in our community (and in the world) to benefit from the latest and most impactful information and training about relationships and psychological growth.  We invite you to join us! Become a member. Attend one of our many programs. Donate money. Volunteer time. There are many ways to get involved. Together we can build a better world—one relationship at a time.